Sunday, May 2, 2010

Charity Auctions

Last month I held my mom's hand as the endocrinologist confirmed what we already suspected: Mom has diabetes. She's now on two different insulins and a whole new diet.

The bright spot is that she exercises every day now and she's lost weight - Yay!

When I opened this month's issue of the Writer's Digest, the first page I saw promoted an auction being held by best-seller Brenda Novak. The auction began a few years ago in honor of her son who was diagnosed with diabetes at five years old. She has raised nearly $800,000 in support of finding a cure.

My husband lost his mother to diabetes when he was just fifteen years old, and it still profoundly affects him today. So with Mother's Day approaching, I decided to participate in the auction in honor of both of our moms.

The auction opened yesterday, and some of the items up for bid are so incredible, I wanted to post some of the info here. In addition to autographed books, gift baskets, and ARCs, there are amazing opportunities for writers. Some of these include readings/critiques of full or partial manuscripts by agents, editors, and bestselling authors; conference registration fees; and publicity packages.

Some of the items have already reached a bidding price of well over $300. That's too much for a lot of us, (I know I can't go that high) but I think there are some things to consider here.

1) It's for a great cause. Even a purchase of the eight dollar keychain would help.
2) Initially I questioned the agents' ethics. At first I thought, If you're paying money for an evaluation, isn't that kind of like paying an agent to read your work? But it's not, because they don't receive the money. They're generously donating their time and insider knowledge, and the proceeds go to diabetes research.
3) The last thing I wanted to point out is that nobody is guaranteeing agent representation or the sale of a manuscript, but Janet Reid posted yesterday on her blog that she found one person through an auction. So the chance of getting a big break through a charity auction is a small, but real one.

If anyone is interested, it's definitely worth a look around. Click here to check it out.

Good luck and happy bidding!

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  1. This was a very moving post for me. My condolences to your husband - those experiences scar you for life. I lost 1 parent at 6 and the other at 15.

    Your mother will be fine as long as she follows Doc's orders. My son's godfather is an endocronologist....I have inside info!

    THANKS for the link!
    All the best to your family HELENA.