Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Hump Day!

Well, hello, loveys! How has October been treating you so far?
Good? Good.
Oh, mine? Hmm...let's see.
Monday and Tuesday have been borderline craptacular and super-stressful, thanks for asking. (Invitations to my pity-party have been sent out - check your mail.)

So far, this week has drop-kicked me. Don't believe me? Well, take a look for yourself. As luck would have it, I got a snapshot of this week actually kicking my butt:

("Fight or go home," said the week to Helena.)
You ever have those days when you don't wanna write, or go to work? Don't wanna keep your obligations to people? Just don't wanna do much of anything?
It's okay, my little lovebugs. You can tell me. I'm in the trenches too.
So here we are at Wednesday.
Week 1/2 empty, or week 1/2 full? of life's great debates. *fist under chin, pondering*
Anyhoo, back to us. We're going to have a super-fab week, and an extra-awesome October, loveys. Just follow this foolproof plan with me, and I can guarantee (*allegedly) that all of the rest of our days will be filled to the brim with awesomesauce.
*Gotta say allegedly for legal reasons.
I think.
I'm no attorney, but I've never missed an episode of Law & Order, so I could more than likely pass the bar exam on my 1st try. I'd say that certainly qualifies me to throw around some legal jargon.
I object!
You see? I know exactly what I'm doing.

Step 1: Coffee + 1 pouch of hot cocoa = the most delicious concoction you'll ever sip.

Coffee? Check.
 Step 2: Go to the pharmacy for drugs:
(And by pharmacy, I mean Krispy Kreme. And by drugs, I mean these sinful little pops of diabetes-waiting-to-happen)

Poor babies. They never stood a chance.
Step 3: Rock out as often as possible.
You know what song I have on repeat? It's a little ditty called "The Fighter," by Gym Class Heroes. Perhaps you've heard of it.
As my Twin says, "Learn it. Know it."
Let it rock your face off.
Then, turn around and bitch-slap your day into submission. *karate-chop action here*
Ah. Feels better already, huh? Just look at all of our bright, sunshiney smiles!

WWMD (What would Mary do?)

*nibbles drugs...sips the most delicious concoction you'll ever sip*
Alright, Wednesday. Let's do this.