Monday, December 31, 2012

GOODBYE, 2012!

So here we are, loveys, nearly at 2013.

We've survived like 3 different 2012 Doomsday predictions, yes? We made it! Whew!

This was a good year for me, I'd say. Can't complain when I have a family that is still healthy, still here, and still intact.

*quick head count, just to be sure*

Yep, all here. Welp, nothing more for us here to do to ring in the new year, except: 1) Make our resolutions, (and resolve not to break them in the 1st week), 2) Get our tax-crap together for Uncle Sam, and, oh yes - 3) Get chocolate wasted.

I don't know about you loveys, but in my household, we're pretty hardcore:

Here's to 2013!

Is there any other way to ring in a fresh, optimistic, shiny new year?

Cheers, my ninja!

Of course not! But that also means there's only one way to ring out the old, see-ya, way-over-it last year:

Porcelain prayers and promises...

Be safe out there, all you revelers.
Don't drink and drive.
And if you must break curfew, call your mother. Well, unless she's asleep at that hour. In that case, the decent thing to do is just sneak in before she has time to panic.

Happy New Year, loveys!! May 2013 be your very best yet.