Wednesday, May 12, 2010

All kinds of awesome

Last week I mentioned two charity auctions. One is in support of diabetes research, and the other is in support of the victims of the devastating Nashville floods.

I'm in on both of them. Yay!

Both are fantastic causes, and both offer amazing items up for bid. Unfortunately, I was outbid on everything writer-related on Brenda Novak's site, ($700 to read a partial? I slumped away in defeat.) but I've still got bids in for ARCs and signed books - the fun stuff - so I still feel happy to contribute something.

While I'm glad to help, I've also been careful to keep my bidding in check, not going too crazy with the funds.

Then along comes Suzie Townsend into Do The Right Thing For Nashville. She offered to not only 1) evaluate a full manuscript, 2) provide notes of her evaluation, and 3) spend 1/2 an hour on the phone to answer any additional questions the winner may have. What the?! (Who does that? Only the coolest of the cool, that's who.)

Right away, I lost my mind. $750! I bid the first time. I was outbid shortly after. Not cool for me. Super-cool for Nashville.

The bidding went up and up. I waited, watched, debated...

I researched Suzie and some of her clients. I remembered the flooding in recent years that has destroyed so many lives here in my own neck of the woods. I also wondered just how angry hubby would be if I kept bidding.

I paced the floor and went through all of the options and scenarios with my kids. (Okay, it was a one-sided conversation. I talked to the top of my daughter's head while she hunched over her coloring book. But I could've swore my infant son cooed his approval - he wanted me to go for it!)

Long after I'd put the kids in bed, I crept to the computer. I peeked over my shoulder to ensure hubby wasn't watching, cracked my knuckles, typed in my final bid, and re-holstered my wallet. Whew! There. I did it. At that point, the auction was only open for about another 20 minutes, so I went to bed, hopeful I would be the winner.

I woke up bright & early the next morning, checked the ol' iPod, and my heart fell. I was outbid by 2 other people. Waahh!

Imagine my super-duper delight as I checked the auction later that day, and found out Suzie had agreed to accept the top 4 bids - mine being one of them! How sweet is she?!

Okay, so maybe I won't be able to go to the RWA conference now. (I still might, just not 100%.) Maybe I still haven't quite-exactly told hubby just...yet...exactly... And maybe Suzie Townsend will tell me I've sent her the worst manuscript she's seen in all her agenting days. Who knows?

But at the end of the day, I still feel proud to have, in some small way, helped my neighbors to the south. And I haven't felt even a millisecond of buyer's remorse. No matter what, I'm happy with my decision.

I'll keep you posted on what happens from here.


  1. Good for you! You're giving back and moving your career forward. I lost my bid in the Nashville auction--and I don't mean that I lost out to someone else, I mean I can't find the Farrey critique offering from Flux at all. Don't know what happened to it. But you've inspired me and I'm going to have to go back and bid on something else!

    Good luck with Suzie Townsend. She is one of my dream agents.

  2. Adventures in Children's Publishing - I found your item. Sadly, the bidding closed 2 days ago at $475. I hope you can find something else you'll be just as excited about.
    I'm so glad to have inspired you! Thank you for saying that. :)
    Good luck on your bidding. Please let me know what you win.

  3. Good on you, Helena!

    Suzie is fantastic, well worth every cent to get her input.

  4. Thank you, Nicola! I'll let you know how it goes. She's already emailed me a few times (her responses are really fast), and she's said she'll treat the mss as she would for a client. I'm very excited.
    I'll keep you posted. Thank you! :)

  5. Inspiring post Helena, and for a most worthy cause:)

  6. HELENA - Thanks for the e-mail!

    You made me feel really happy that I could say something positive.

    I'm REALLY excited for you!!! Which writer wouldn't want Suzie Townsend to read their 'baby'...keep us posted on the fantastic news!

    btw - I'm a strong believer in what goes around comes around. You may be blessed in a way that you don't expect by doing such good.
    ...keeping fingers crossed.... :)

  7. Ann Marie, thank you again for the extra dose of optimism. I appreciate it. :)

  8. Major congrats!!! Bask in your victory, girl. Not only did you help those in need, but you got a dose of awesome for yourself! Soooo happy for you :D

    Suzie better like your baby!

  9. Thank you, Amparo! I appreciate that! :)