Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Steadfast dreamers

I'm happy to be so close to finishing my first novel. Thisclose to the peak of that arduos, rocky mountain I've been climbing; and after years of plotting, writing, and editing, I am nearly ready to submit it. The odds of me being signed by an agent and that book selling are slightly better than my odds of winning a Powerball jackpot.

Two people I love are now thisclose to realizing their own dreams. Their aspirations are much different than mine, but the same in that they've been planning, saving, and budgeting over the course of several years. Years of hoping and waiting for their dream to come true.

Some days I'd rather be sleeping than writing. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking time for myself to write instead of spending it with my babies. Every now and then I even question the real worth of my work at the computer, wondering if I'll ever be a novelist.

Times like that, there is one thing that keeps me going, and it's as simple as a resolute belief that I can do more, have more, be more, for my family.

If I leave my children with one lesson, I'd like them to spend their lives learning, searching, and reaching. Whether they aspire to be teachers, singers, writers, or to live out their days traveling the country in an RV, I will teach them to always hold steadfast to their dreams. Because no matter who you are or what you want, sometimes that is all we need; just an unwavering faith in our dreams.

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