Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Fluff

After 2 false starts, I'm finally reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" - for real this time. I am intrigued by the story, and I enjoy the writing, but for the 1st third of the book, I just could not get into it. I have this unfortunate problem, though, of needing to finish a book once I've started it - even if I don't come back to it for 2 years and have to start it again from the 1st page. Luckily I'm on page 503 - nearly there! It's a rough life, I know.

What else is new? Well, here are a few of the things I'm crushing on right now:

1.) Daniel Tosh. I've watched Tosh.0 a few times, (when my brother stood over my shoulder, twisting my arm), and despite laughing here and there, I found a lot of it to be a bit mean rather than comical. THEN I watched one of his stand-up routines and was very impressed. He's got perfect timing, original material and sharp intellect that reminds me of the late, great Patrice O'Neal. So Daniel Tosh can now count me as a fan. His life's goal, I know.

2.) Maria Menounos. She's the most down-to-earth celebrity I've seen. She has a book out called "The Everygirl's Guide To Life" and it is fabulous! She's self-deprecating at times, funny at times, and painfully honest the whole way through, even openly discussing going through people's trash to find her own treasures. Um, yeah. She's my new hero.

3.) My husband and I found 2 new shows purely by accident (and boredom) this week. One is "New Girl" with Zooey Deschanel, who is such a hapless dork, oblivious to the embarrassment she causes herself, she reminds me exactly of, well, me. Ha! The other show is "Raising Hope." Seriously, truly funny, original, brilliantly written and acted. I hang my head in shame for just now realizing these awesome lil' nuggets on Fox exist.

4.) LMFAO - "I'm Sexy And I Know It" is the most fun song I've heard in an eternity. It's infectious and mood-boosting, and my whole family loves to rock out to it. And let's be honest, we all needed a bit of song-sunshine after Adele's depression-inducing ballads. Am I right, or am I right? (I still love you, Adele. You are my #1 go-to for drinking alone.)

5.)TWITTER!! I've had an account for a while now, but only just started really connecting with people in the last few weeks, and next to my Kindle, Twitter is the new fight my husband has to contend with for any of my attention. If you're on Twitter, let's connect!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone.

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