Monday, February 11, 2013


Hello and happy Monday, loveys!

Weekend treated you well?

Mine was fabulous, thanks. I had the chance to watch my current pretend-girlfriend, Melissa McCarthy, in her latest film, IDENTITY THIEF.

Funniest-ever story of someone ruining another's life.

Oh. My. Gosh. If you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend that you do. I laughed my mascara off.

And I learned so much! For example, my pretend-girlfriend is actually a runner. For serious. She could very likely kick our asses in a 50 meter sprint. Check out this action shot of my girl:

"Breathe in through the nose; out through the  nose."
Also, a pretty good part of the movie is set right here, in St. Louis.
Score 1 for the Lou!

Treat me in St. Louis.

Eric Stonestreet has a small, yet hysterical part in the flick, which causes the whole thing to overflow with awesomesauce.

"Foxhole is the safety word!"

This entire cast is amazing.

*winks at the screen*

"What's up, T.I.?"

*crouches down to blow his short self a kiss*

But still nobody holds a candle to my girl Melissa. And can I just tell you how I'm absolutely infatuated with dimpled cheeks? (Sidebar: You ever notice how dimples can make even the biggest asshole project a sweetheart vibe? Super-smart con by all the dimpled assholes out there, by the way.)
Anyhoo, that doesn't apply to my gal. She rules. I love her curls, her blue eyeshadow, and even her voice. Adoration alert!
What's not to love?
Now that you have a clear picture of just how much I heart her, you'll understand the degree of seriousness when I confess to you there's one person in this film I loved just a teensy-weensy-smidge more.

It wasn't my fault though. I had no idea my future ex-boyfriend was in this movie. None. (Otherwise, I'd have worn an extra pantyliner and not gone to see the movie with my freaking brother.)

**DISCLAIMER: I must give fair warning to the atheists reading this, because what I'm about to show you will probably be all the proof you'll need to realize that yes, there is most definitely a God.

Behold, Morris Chestnut:

Oh, sweet Jesus!
Enjoy your week, loveys. And if you need a laugh, go check this movie out. You're welcome.
Helena Chestnut

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