Thursday, February 14, 2013


Well, hello there, besties. May I be the first to wish you a Happy Meaningless Valentine's Day.

Big plans for this V-Day? Pehaps you'll join the crowds in some snazzy restaurant? Purchase flowers  for 5 times what they'd have cost you this time last week? Offer chocolates, cards, or stuffed animals?

None of that for me, loveys. No siree. I'm just not that gal.

Bah, luvbug!

It's just that I believe every day should be treated like Valentine's Day. Don't let me go. Most people forget that love has to be nourished, on the daily, or it wilts and dies. Kinda like those overpriced flowers you got.

It's just not cool to forget I even exist on most days, then around mid-February shower me with heart-shaped candies and a card you got at the gas station on the way home, and think That'll do, pig.

Suck it, Cupid!

I shall stay home alone in protest, nuke my sodium-rich dinner for one, and possibly indulge in a boink-fest once the kids are asleep, if I'm still awake when my Valentine gets home.

Don't get me wrong. I love the idea of romance. I love the idea of real love. I mean, thinking someone out there could look at me and see me - I mean, really see me - and still love me in spite of my nerdiness, and embarrassing laugh, and huge sweatpants collection...Yeah, I want that. But I want it - no, I actually need it - every single day.

And it doesn't take much to please me, loveys. I'm super-simple.

I absolutely adore a man who will surprise me with flowers, not because the calendar told him to, but because he wants to make me smile. They don't even have to be store-bought; hand-picked is a-ok for me.
A random text just to say "I'm thinking of you." melts my heart.

A dude who truly loves my babies, and would protect them without a second thought is irreplaceable to me.

I need a man who doesn't need to spend a single dollar to have fun. We can sit at the kitchen table playing cards, or duke it out in the living room on Wii boxing (better let me win though), or we could just turn the tv off and talk and laugh and joke around.

The simple things are what makes a Valentine for me, loveys.

And you know what? I think I have that dude. He takes care of me and supports my far-fetched dreams. And for whatever reason, he loves me. I don't know what tomorrow brings, guys. But I do know that for me it will still be, in some way or another, just another Valentine's Day.

xoxo, loveys!

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