Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm wondering about conferences. I've gotten materials for 3: Willamette in Oregon, Writer's Digest in NYC, and Romance Writers of America in Nashville.

I've read the websites and pamphlets, I've looked through the photos of conferences past, and I've heard the success stories of some of them. But for me, a kind-of shy person with zero publishing credentials to boast of, would that be the right step for me?

I'm most interested in the RWA conference, because it's closest to where I live, and I like the workshops they're offering. I'm intrigued, and the thought of being around other like-minded people, even just for a few days, makes me feel hopeful. Unfortunately, here's the way I envision it playing out: I enter, trembling. I smile at everyone, speak to no one. I sit as far in the back as possible, afraid to approach anyone for fear of the first question directed at me being, "So what have you been published in?"

After the cost of the conference, travel expenses, hotel...that's near $1,000. Decisions, decisions...

Has anyone else ever been to a writer's conference? Any intention to go anytime soon?


  1. Many of my bloggy buddies have been to conferences and they all agree that they are ABSOLUTELY fantastic. How close are you to submitting? If you're almost there it's a MUST! you'll make worthwhile contacts and friends.

    Send an email to ELANA Johnson via her amazing blog and ask her opinion. She's a WONDERFUL person for straightforward advice. If you can afford it GO FOR IT!

  2. I think the decision should be based on your finances, goals and where you are in the journey towards publication.

    If you can afford it, go!