Thursday, April 15, 2010

How'd she do that?

Novel is finished. Whew! So I can read a quick novel or two from real-live, published authors before I dive into my next one. Though I have a few new books I should read, I started my break with a book I've already read twice.
Why? Well, because the author is Jennifer Weiner, my fave. I wish I had an English degree, but I don't. So the next best thing is to pick up what I can from the best. I read and re-read all kinds of books, trying to glean what, exactly it is they do.
Today, I'll admit, was not a good time to pick up "In Her Shoes." After I finally wrapped up my first novel, I was overjoyed - I did it! Then cracking open Jennifer Weiner's work made me feel about as astute as a third-grader. Her writing flows so seamlessly, her eye for detail is unparallel, and where does she come up with all those perfect metaphors??
I've decided against reading any other novels for now. Instead I'll re-read my books about writing, and I'll continue writing (and hopefully improving), and I'll inevitably scratch my head when I think of Jennifer Weiner, Emily Giffin, and Ally Carter, because their work, to me, is the best. I close their books wishing they didn't have to end, and wishing I could give readers the same feeling.
Leaves me wondering, How'd they do that?

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