Saturday, April 17, 2010

Muchisimas gracias

I spend many of my waking hours writing nowadays. I feel like I have this small window of time to get my short stories, freelance articles, and of course, my novels, written, so I'm going for it.
I write when I wake up, I write until I go to bed around midnight. I write while my babies are sleeping, eating, or sometimes, while both are on my lap. A little obsessive, maybe, but I'm on a mission. I may never get this opportunity again, so I'm working really hard to make this dream of mine come to fruition.
I can't do it alone, of course. That is why I count myself incredibly lucky to have the husband I do. He's quick to run outside with the babies to give me time to write, or to take them downstairs to watch tv or play, or to cook, clean, whatever - in support of my dream.
I have not yet made a dollar off of my writing, but there he is, reading my work and encouraging me on. He works full days at his 9-5, then comes home to run the house and let me wander off to my computer.
Even on days we're struggling, I have to admit, I really lucked out with my Amor.
Now, back to work...

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