Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello and happy Monday, blog fam. Thanks for stopping by.

Had a good weekend? I'm still trying to shake off Sunday and move into desk jockey mode myself.

*stretch...yawn...reach for more coffee*

Mmm...that's better, loveys.

I can confide in you guys, right? (You may want to think it over. You never know what I'll sound off on.)

May I proceed then? Yes? Okay then, I shall.

I have a dysfunctional family. Yep, I sure do. Nothing out of the norm about that though, right? I mean, in these days of step families, half families, broken families, combined families, reality tv's really not all that normal to have a "normal" family. Agreed?

Truth is, my sibs and I couldn't be more different - heck, I'm even a different race than all six of them - but please don't get it twisted; any one of us would kill for the other. No joke. Take a look at Twin, killing for me without question:

Clearly, she's terrified. But no matter. She'll still kill for me.

But here's the thing:

I have about one hundred brothers and sisters. We're not blood-related, obvs. We're not a family of rabbits! But the people I'm talking about aren't just friends anymore. I consider them to be my family. We didn't grow up together, but we have grown and expanded together in some way or another. And I couldn't love them more, even if we were kin.

A few of my surrogate sisters.

As I go through life, my family constantly changes and evolves, because I continue to make my own family.

That's right, loveys. I make my own. Not in a creepy, cult-like fashion. No, friends.

It goes like this: I love you, I bring you in, and I make you family.

You don't need to come from the same womb to be my sister. I don't need legal papers to show you are my brother. If I come to love you, I will always love you. And in my eyes, and in my heart, my surrogate family is an integral part of my spirit. You peeps know who you are. I thank you and I appreciate you for all you have done for me through the years.

Sure, we may disagree or fight:

Ahh, just feel all that love...
But I have your back.

I know you have mine.

Sometimes that's all we really need. 

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