Monday, October 8, 2012


It was 33 degrees when I woke up this morning, loveys. Almost to the freezing point, when it was 80 degrees here just the other day. *sigh*

I know, I know. We're knee-deep into October now, so I should get over it. Summer has left me. Even the calendar says so.

But you don't understand. Summer is not only my favorite season, she's like a BFF, waking me up with her warmth and sunshine and happy critter sounds every day.
*picture me doing a Mary Tyler Moore twirl here*
Her open skies, gentle breezes and blooming flowers all inspiring me, and encouraging me to do what I want, to go places I didn't think I could go, and to be anything I want to be. Gosh, I love you, Summer!

And I know I'm not the only one who feels this way.


Summer says you're never too big for the kiddie pool.

Now let's further examine some super-scientific evidence. Shall we? Let's.

You see this?

This is me, using my super-human Summer strength to lift my six-foot-something brother. No adrenaline or PCP needed or anything! Just the love and encouragement of my ol' pal Summer.

And now look at this:

 Same me. Same brother. Totally different season.

Cold weather is my Kryptonite, guys.

Wintery temps render me immobile underneath my layers. My fingers can't write properly when they're cold. And my tan? Psh! I'm practically glow-in-the-dark pale when Summer isn't around.

Now that's not to say I haven't ever disagreed with my favorite season. Sure, we've had our fights, Summer and I. In fact, this year she brought temperatures so hot, my makeup melted right off. That stain on my shirt? That was my face, before I stepped outside. Thanks for noticing.

Along with that brutal heat came a myriad of critters, trying to seek refuge in my house.

Not cool, Summer. Not cool.

But still, absence does indeed make my heart grow fonder, loveys.
So as I pack away my swimwear and unearth my sweaters, I vow to myself that I will be brave this year.


Winter brings a lot to look forward to too, you know.

There is no yardwork to be done, for one thing.

Also, I get to swap out my swim goggles for these sweet winter goggles:

"You look so much better through my beer goggles, Helena."

Also, on cold nights, the hubs and I can tuck the kids into their beds, go downstairs with our coffee and a blanket, and sit in front of the fire. You know what that means, right? You guessed it, loveys. We'll be roasting marshmallows, and not sharing with the kids! *naughty, naughty* So there's always that.

*casts around for legit reasons not to miss Summer...*

Well, any excuse to rock a Snuggie is halfway awesome. Yes?
And there's hot cocoa in colder months - extra marshmallows when I make it. That kinda rules.
No need to go out. Stay in and write. Hello, deadline. Fancy meeting you on time.
And the cinnamon rolls, hot and fresh from the oven.
Winter's perfect for feety jammies. For the kids, I mean. No self-respecting grown-up over the age of 35 would ever be caught wearing feety jammies. *yanks curtains closed*
Pumpkins are the rock stars of gourds, so I guess the pumpkin patch is cool.
Oh, and we always have the holidays to look forward to. I've been extra-good this year, so there's no telling what Santa will give me.
"Sit on Santa's lap and tell me what you want."

Uhhhhhhhhhhh..............I'm sorry, loveys. Lost my train of thought. What were we talking about again?