Friday, October 19, 2012


Happy Friday, lovebugs!

You crazy kids all set for the next 2 days of chillaxin'? Yeah, me too.

You guys know me by now, right? (If you're new here, let me recap. I dig books, nerds are royalty to me, and I love, love, love a good laugh - most particularly when it is at someone else's expense. Like when you scare the pee out of an unsuspecting loved one. Loves it! Now that you're all caught up, let's press on.)

I wanted to share with you my Friday Faves - this week focusing on the funny.

Have you seen these pics? They're shots of unsuspecting haunted house-goers, snapped in mid-fright. Take a good look, loveys. They will make you smile, they will relax you better than a Xanax ever could, and - perhaps most important - it's not us looking all crazy here. So please enjoy.

Let's start with these little luvs:

My dad can whoop your dad.
No, wait.
 My dad puts me in a choke-hold and uses me as a shield when he's scared.
Oh, parents. Aren't they so cute?

Wow. So much going on here.
Boob grab? Check!
Leg-lock that'd put wrestlers to shame? Check!
Blonde hair inflation? Check!
Mouth tripled in size? Check!
Little to no eyeball-iris showing? Check!

Not sure whether they're scared, rocking out, or trying to look sexy.
" lips..."

I hope these brought a smile to your face, loveys. Have a great weekend, and for more pics of silly ridiculosity, please do go here.




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    1. Thank you, Jessica. I love your blogs. You're hilarious! I got a couple of recipes from you too. :) Thanks!