Friday, October 12, 2012


Take a deep breath, guys. Inhale very deeply.

You smell that?

Yep. It's the weekend, baby!

Happy Friday, my lovey-doveys! Big plans for the weekend?

I don't know about everyone else, but I plan to cram about a week's worth of fun into my two days off.

Then, I'll cap my weekend with my typical Sunday evening relax-and-recharge routine: Blowout my hair, polish my fingernails and piggies, and scrub the top layer of my face off with whatever exfoliant I have nearby.
All in the name of starting the next shiny, fresh week off with a shiny, fresh me.

My closest loveys and BFFs know that I love cosmetics. My stash of lotions and potions is shamefully ginormous. But we all know it takes about 50 different products to achieve that "Maybe she's born with it," natural glow. Duh.

So this week I wanted to share with you some of the gorgeousness that I'm loving and/or coveting right now.

Let's first state the obvious: I definitely believe that beauty starts from the inside. I know women and men in their 50's who look 10 years younger than their birth certificates say. Not from surgery or creams or any gimmicks. No, loveys. These people take care of themselves, yes, but you know what I noticed they do different than most? They laugh. A lot. They smile through hardships, they joke through tears, and they have just refused to turn into bitter old Crusties. That's what.

I'm putting that out there, because someone told me today that I smile too much, seemingly "bopping" through life, and it makes me seem like an airhead. Umm, what? I thought about it for a minute - precisely one minute - then I brushed it off, laughed my loud, injured-seal-sounding laugh, and bopped my ass away from that toxic downer.

That's not to say the comment didn't sting, because it did. I hurt, just like everyone else. But I choose, deliberately, to project myself in a happy way. I've learned that makes me a happier Helena.
And I have learned I will be the youngest looking airhead in the nursing home when I'm 90. So there!

The only Airheads here are these candies.

Now, back to my faves:

First, take these vitamins. I insist. They are the best thing to happen to my mouth since sliced gum. And the best part, aside from the super-yum factor, is that you have to take four to get a serving. Yes, please!

Flintstones are so five days ago.
Next, give yourself a mani-pedi. Do it.
Why are you still sitting there?
Seriously, changing the color on the tips of your toes and fingers will brighten your whole outlook. (For dudes, I'd still recommend you go for it. If nothing else, you'll make other people laugh. See above: Laughter = Years of age erased from your face.)

This is my favorite line. The range of colors is never-ending, and the fast-dry formula is perfect for having to turn around minutes later and tap out your manuscript.

Look, Ma! No Chips!

Now, for my favorite:
Step aside, Channing Tatum, because these boots are my new object of lust. You guys know how hard I fall in love, yes? I saw these in a magazine yesterday, fell in lust and ran to conduct a thorough Google search, knowing full-well they'd be mine.

Well played, Michael Kors. Well played.
Then I saw the price tag.

It took me a second to regain my senses and pick my chin up from my keyboard.


(It's okay. I'm still smiling, bopping through life.)

I did a quick search of the couch cushions. 36 cents.

The bottom of the washing machine was good for another dime.

My car floorboards yielded another 78 cents.

So you see, loveys? I'm nearly there! Glass half-full!

I hope you guys have an awesome weekend. See you here on Monday, to kick off our shiny, new week.

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