Friday, January 11, 2013


You know what I'm loving right now? Twitter.

Twitter has become better than satellite tv. For 1 thing, it follows me everywhere in my phone. If I need a laugh, or inspiration, or to view an NSFW pic in a hot second, Boom! There it is, at any time. TV never showed me that kind of dedication. Pfft!

And the entertainment options are completely without limit. Find your niche, anything that interests you, and follow tweeters who adore the same, and Bam! You're practically in love at 1st sight.
At least I was, after following several tweeps. It goes down like this: 1) I see someone's timeline, 2) I laugh, 3) I star and retweet (so you can love them too), 4) I list, and 5) I try to find out where they live, so I can stalk them in person too - it's a really beautiful thing.

If you're not big on Twitter, I will hold your hand and personally lead you to some of the greats.
Fair warning:
My interests are writing, laughing my jowls off, and lots of inappropriateness for work. What I find funny, you may find offensive...And that will only make it 10 times funnier to me.

V.A. Givens is a tweeter that will make you laugh, but also make you really think about her words. I love her long time!
Vaguely Funny Dan is way more than vaguely funny. He's actually laugh-till-you-pee-yourself funny.

SS - she says things I'd be too scared to think, much less say aloud, and even much less to tweet out to the world. Gotta love a girl who's smart, hilarious, and has nads of steel.

Just start there, loveys.

Read. Laugh. Repeat.

Happy Friday, guys!

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