Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My hump, my hump, my hump (Day).

Happy Hump Day, loveys! Here we are, smooshed inside the middle of another winter week. Just gotta get over the hump, and then we're off to our weekend.

You know, whenever I hear the word "hump," I immediately think of two things: 1) A dog in heat.

"I like it bloggy-style."

And 2) Digital Underground.

'Memba them? "Watch me do the Humpty Hump." Man, those were the days!

I apologize to any of you who didn't have the privilege of rockin' out to Digital Underground way back when; long before they were known as "the dude in the nose" and Tupac's humble beginnings.

You young whipper-snappers really missed out, not only on a dance even the elderly could do, but also an incredible fashion statement. Eons before Lady Gaga ever had Little Monsters, Digital Underground had Little Humpers. See?

I once got busy in a Social House Burger King bathroom.

Then, of course, The Black Eyes Peas gave us yet another glorious reason to make every day hump day:

"Get you love-drunk off my hump!"

I swear, ever since that song came out, I'm super paranoid about someone busting me out for staring at their humps.

Hey, buddy. My eyes are up here!

I know what you're thinking, now that you've read this blog post.

"Well, there's two minutes of my life I can't get back."

And you're right. (Three minutes if literacy isn't your strong suit.) But the silver lining? You're two minutes further over the hump!

Have a great 1/2 week, guys! :)

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