Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've been feeling a little down lately, loveys. And not in the cool, "Girl, I'm down for whatevah!" kinda way. I mean the "I miss parts of my old Pacific Coast life" kinda down.

I miss la familia I moved away from:

It's okay. We're all family here.
I miss the friends I never see anymore. Those chicks are my family. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever have a pack of friends like that again in my life, then I realize hell no, I won't, then I go eat my feelings.

What? A boob grab is like a handshake in our funky bunch.


I never really know what to do about the bluey-blues, so I went back to bed. Just as I was pulling the covers over my head and screaming a promise to never come out, a photo on my nightstand caught my eye.

A pic that reminded me my Missouri life isn't exactly Misery.

This was taken last month with a couple of friends, one of whom I've known for about 20 years. (So I can only say nice stuff about her, 'cause she knows my whole rap sheet.)

Party over here!
Not my smartest idea to wedge myself between the two models on either end, but nevertheless, that party was a blast. I had so much fun, it was only after I'd arrived home around 4:00 in the morning, that I realized I'd danced my feet into temporary paralysis.

Score 1 for the Lou!

You know what else? We also have great food here in St. Louis. Gus's Pretzels, Sweetie Pies and Ted Drewe's are legendary here.

My personal fave, though, is this place, MILE 277:

Don't go, unless you're ready for them to rock your face off.

Not just because I have personally pranked every one of the kitchen and management staff there. Allegedly.

And not just because I worked there.

Best waitress ever. No, for serious.
My mom told me so.

But this place is just fun waiting to happen. The incredible food is just a bonus, really. I mean, they've got dancing, live bands, DJ battles, model searches, and Bike Night. Yes, please! 

Also a little reality TV show action going on at Mile 277.

Plus, they've got the best Jager-bombs, Irish car-bombs and even the best photobombs:

Maybe the professional dance crew won't notice me ruining their
show for this shot if I blend in with a super-slick move of my own.

*chuckles at her own buffoonery*

I feel my spirits lifting at this point. Shall I proceed? Yes, I shall.

So now I'm remembering why I came back home, to St. Louis, after all those years in Los Angeles. I have friends, I have fun, and most importantly, I have lots and lots of family. I even have my own makeshift fam of co-workers, people I just met, and childhood buds.

And also the random stray I snatched, claimed as my own, and hid under my bed:

My precious...

Just kidding. That's my bud. My brother from another mother. And father. We're totes not related. But I seriously couldn't love him more if I'd created him myself.

And can we talk about our local talent? Nelly, Cedric the Entertainer, the Cardinals...Duh. But we're also overflowing with talent you might not have ever heard of, like this kid, L.Frost:
Kid to the left, in the air. Bam! That's talent.

Just a little billboard he graced.

You may have seen him in magazines, or on a billboard, or dancing with Chris Brown. Or if you stake out his house long enough, you can get a nice candid like this before you're arrested:

(Or if you're not as hardcore as me, you can just follow him here on Twitter, or in my sexy-time dreams or here on Facebook.)
Seriously, the kid's going places. Keep your eyes on the Lou, loveys. Artists galore here, I promise. 

Okay, okay, okay. Pity party of the past is officially over. I'm glad and grateful to be right here, right now. :)

My heart lives here.

Thanks, loveys.
You know who you are.
Your sweet words, nice texts, and loving emails are really, really what keep me cheesin'.

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